Burntisland’s famous high street

When I decided to bring a business to Burntisland I had no idea how special the small business scene here is. Look beyond the stunning scenery and elegant stone buildings and you’ll find a quality of enterprise here that really is incredible.

You start to get some clues when you search for the town online: everyone from beauticians to butchers seem unusually good at social media, for example (not least thanks to resident digital media guru Jo King).

The high street is small – you can walk down it in 5 minutes – but it’s packed with incredibly high quality independent shops and cafes. The retailers weathered the worst of lockdown the old fashioned way – by being decent, staying in touch and helping one another out (they’ve certainly made me feel welcome, too).

Justifiably, Burntisland is starting to get a bit famous for this, as you can see in this film. Our bakers, butchers and fishmongers have all been featured on different TV shows recently, and STV News visited last week to make this item about how the town has managed to defy retail doom & gloom. Wishing a very successful run-up to Christmas to this hard-working street!


All change! You can still find the first reviews below, but we’ve also moved them over to their own special reviews page. From now on, this page will be home to actual news – stories about updates to the studio, interesting day trip ideas, weird and wonderful information about the local area, and things you generally shouldn’t miss. Some of this info will be cross-posted to (and from) our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Here’s a quick video bringing you up to date on some of the latest news. I do these on Fridays – not every Friday – but keep an eye out! Briefly, I talk about:

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