How to keep up with Burntisland Studio

Just a quick update to share some recent pics, and let you know we are now feeling fairly confident we should be able open in some capacity in late April. Of course everything has to be subject to last minute changes, and we are still offering free last minute cancellations through 2021. It’s particularly important to keep up to date at the moment, and ensure you don’t miss out on any dates or events. Fortunately there are several ways to keep abreast of all things Burntisland Studio! And all of them are better than hoping I’ll remember to update this blog.

Sign up to our newsletter! I will try to send out updates once a month from now on, with information on the immediate and wider area, recommendations for things to do and places to go, and updates on any snazzy new things we’ve installed in the studio.

Follow us on Instagram I try to keep this quite up to date, and post a mixture of photos from the apartment and local interest tips.

Follow us on Twitter I try to post updates and retweet interesting local things a few times a week.

Follow us on Facebook I share local interest, photos of the flat and important news about what we’re up to. I also repost content from instagram sometimes.