A haunting tale for Halloween

Have you unsettling origins of the Scottish flag?

It’s connected to the history of St Andrew’s Castle, and another spooky tale in the run-up to All Hallow’s Eve!

St Andrews Castle was originally the grand residence of the Archbishops of St Andrews, dating back to the 13th Century. It enjoys a stunning location on the coast, as you can see, and at just an hour’s drive from Burntisland Studio is a no-brainer for a day trip. Don’t stick around after dark unless you have nerves as strong as the Forth Bridge, though – a few unhappy ghosts have been seen in the shadows!

Cardinal Beaton, the Archbishop of St. Andrews in the 1540s, was known to have imprisoned Protestants in the dungeon under the castle until they went insane in the darkness, at which point he has them killed. Karma’s a bummer, as we know, and he met a grisly end himself; Protestants broke in and served their justice…

Beaton’s body was suspended over the castle walls by an arm and leg, a popular crucifixion shape at the time that formed what’s now the famous cross of St. Andrews, the saltire, the Scotland flag! You know: this one! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Beaton still roams the castle, albeit perhaps lopsidedly, while a white lady has also been spotted – often during the early evening in autumn. Clearly this is the best season for ghost spotting, get over there and see if you can see her before it gets too…. cold? dark? for ghosts!